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Right As She Was About To Pull The Plug IT HAPPENED!

 Right As She Was About To Pull The Plug IT HAPPENED!

In 2017, an Alabama family of four was driving home from Christmas shopping when the unthinkable happened: They were in a tragic car accident.

Thankfully, the mother, father and newborn boy in the car survived without critical injuries.

But 3-year-old daughter and sister, Lacey Jane Ayers, was not so fortunate. She was airlifted immediately to Alabama Children’s Hospital, according to the Daily Mail.

Doctors did not believe the little girl would make it to the next morning, but a miracle occurred.

“The evening following her accident, Lacey was not expected to make it through the night. However, she miraculously started to respond,” the family wrote on the Love for Lacey Facebook page in December 2017.

“Since then, Lacey has started to take very small and very slow steps towards recovery.”

Though the doctors and family were concerned about Lacey having permanent brain damage, she continued to defy the odds, day by day.

The family wanted to make it clear that Lacey and her baby brother were “both in their children’s seat exactly as is recommended.” They also noted that the team at the hospital was amazing.

When 2018 came, the family posted another update that expressed their joy and gratitude at the strides Lacey continued to make.

“I cried when I found out about you. I cried when you were born. I cried when you died. I cried when you survived. God has given us the best gift in the world this year,” they wrote.

“‘Blessed’ isn’t a word I like to use often, but I can think of nothing else to describe this miracle.”

Recovery was a long road, but on Jan. 16, 2018, Lacey was able to go home.

“We can’t think you enough for all of the prayers. We hold these in our hearts forever!” the family wrote around the anniversary of the day she went home from the hospital.

In August 2018, Lacey hit another milestone — she started kindergarten, according to a tweet by her grandmother, Diane Ayers.


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