• July 16, 2024

Restaurant FINED For Telling This Man To Use The Men’s Room

 Restaurant FINED For Telling This Man To Use The Men’s Room

Private businesses have a lot more to deal with than serving food or selling people clothes or whatever it is their particular trade is.

They also have to deal with the reasonable security of their customers. If there was supposed to be a security guard at a shopping center and some guy comes in with a hatchet and starts taking shots at people the store can be held liable for lack of security.

If they think that something is not right it is their duty to do something about it. It’s the reason why when you have someone in a bar that has had too much to drink the bartender will cut the person off and do everything that they can to keep them from driving home.

Now, if you have a men’s room and a women’s room and you are a store owner that is worrying about the money you will have to pay in damages if someone gets hurt due to your inattentiveness and you see a guy walk into the ladies room; you’re probably gonna stop that person…

Via Conservative Tribune:

Transgender individual tries to use women’s bathroom. Restaurant employee asks for ID. Transgender individual refuses, gets thrown out. Files complaint with police. Restaurant apologizes, fires two people involved. Restaurant still gets fined $7,000.

Chalk up a victory for LGBT causes.

Charlotte Clymer was at a bachelorette party at restaurant Cuba Libre in Washington, D.C., on June 22, according to the Metro Weekly. Born biologically male, Clymer transitioned to female in late 2017. She’s also a communications employee for LGBT group Human Rights Campaign.

“When Clymer attempted to use the restroom, an attendant stopped her, asking to see her ID. She refused and used the bathroom,” Metro Weekly reported.

“Upon exiting, Clymer was accosted by the attendant and a manager, who cited a nonexistent law claiming that a person must have ‘female’ on their ID in order to use the women’s restroom. Clymer told them they were wrong, and even attempted to show them the actual law, which allows transgender people to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. The manager refused to look at the citation, and openly mocked Clymer.”

Clymer filed complaints with both the police and the D.C. Office of Human Rights. Both of the employees were put on leave immediately by the restaurant and are no longer employed there. It still ended with Cuba Libre getting fined $7,000.

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