• June 19, 2024

Research Expert Speaks Out About SEX in Space, What We’ve All Wanted To Know

 Research Expert Speaks Out About SEX in Space, What We’ve All Wanted To Know

UNILAD — As humanity pushes the boundaries of space travel further and further the question of ‘sex in space’ was bound to pop-up eventually.

Unsurprisingly though making the beast with two backs is quite difficult in Space due to the lack of gravity making this more than a little tricky.

The Dean of the Department of Plant Sciences at McGill University in Montreal, Professor Anja Geitmann, has done significant research on sex in space.

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Speaking to the Daily Mail she explained the main issue would be ‘for the partners to try to remain in physical proximity, since one can’t rely on gravity to push one partner against the other.’

Another irritating rode bump to bumping uglies in zero-g are the confined spaces which could potentially cause a nasty accident.

According to NASA there are no recorded incidents of people having sex in space but the space agency doesn’t have an explicit ban on sex in space.

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Instead they have an astronaut code of conduct which asks for ‘professional standards’ to be maintained at all times while up in space.

Also NASA have banned married couples from visiting the cosmos together, mainly due to it potentially affecting the mission rather than concerns that things may get a bit amorous on the space station.

For adventurous astronauts there are solutions to the problem though, simple straps or a sleeping bag combined with a confined space with soft walls could fix most of the issues.

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Unfortunately it is difficult for men to maintain an erection in space due to the effects zero-g has on blood circulation.


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