• May 18, 2024

Report REVEALS TERRORISTS Have Embedded Themselves In Migrant Caravan!

 Report REVEALS TERRORISTS Have Embedded Themselves In Migrant Caravan!

The thing that people have been warning about for what seems like forever now is that terrorists are going to try to sneak into the country though the illegal migrant caravans.

Well, if that isn’t a cause for wanting stronger borders I really do not know what is.

If you want proof that you need some kind of border protection take a look at the town of Derby Line, Vermont.

Derby Line is a bit of an oddity in that half of the town is in the United States and half of it is in Canada. There are people that have mailing addresses in the United States that the second they pull out of their driveway they are in Canada.

There are people that have regularly dated folks from the other country for years and eaten lunch in the States every day while living in Canada.

For years the only way to mark the border was a paint line going through the center of town and at a few select streets. In the past ten years they have had to install border checkpoints at various spots in town that were akin to someone showing their drivers license to buy cigarettes or the like so they could go over to the other side.

If you’ve got nothing to hide you have got nothing to worry about. It’s the people on the southern border, that are trying to do things illegally that we have to worry about.

Via Conservative Tribune:

A new report by the House Homeland Security Committee found that suspected terrorists have infiltrated the so-called migrant caravans, as the Trump administration has been warning.

The executive summary for the report titled, “Stopping Terrorist Travel Through Illicit Pathways to the Homeland” explains that due to increased security measures at the United States ports of entry since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks “that those who wish to bring harm to America have to explore non-traditional ways of entering our country.”

According to the report, Mexico has discovered several Special Interest Aliens and known or suspected terrorists traveling toward the U.S. border in caravans but “lacks the infrastructure and capacity to repatriate SIAs of national security concern especially outside the hemisphere.”

The overall findings were compiled over a six-month period by the Homeland Security Committee based on briefings, meetings, and site visits by its members and staff to Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Columbia, Mexico, and Panama.

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