Back in the good old days, if they were really that damn good to begin with, you could rely on a good number of things.

You could rely on going to school and having teachers that were honest and could take care of you in an emergency. You could rely on the newspaper to tell you nothing but the truth as far as they knew it.

If they found themselves in a situation where they realized that they didn’t tell the truth,  they would tell the truth about having made a mistake.

Now, it seems that most forms of media are just worried about getting content out there and damning the consequences if they happened to be wrong.

According to a report by Axios, the distrust in the mainstream media has reached an all-time high as 56 percent of Americans believe that journalists are intentionally attempting to mislead the public.

The data that Axios is reporting on is collected by Edelman, an agency that shares their data exclusively with Axios. Edelman also found that 58 percent of Americans believe news media would rather push an ideology than inform the public.

Edelman also found that trust in the media is down across all parties as 57 percent of Democrats now trust the media along with 18 percent of Republicans.

Trust in social media has hit a low of 27 percent.

According to the data, there are a higher percentage of people who trust their public officials (28%) than the media (21%).

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