• June 25, 2024

Report: NBC Looking to Dump Megyn Kelly: Fox News Said No

 Report: NBC Looking to Dump Megyn Kelly: Fox News Said No

It took only eight days for NBC to discover what many of us already knew.  Megyn Kelly can never a a success as long as the only thing she cares about is Megyn Kelly and is so full of herself that she thinks she can take a shit sandwich and turn it into a Vera Wang gown.  I do believe she could turn a Vera Wang gown into a shit sandwich though.

During the election cycle she saw herself as St George the Dragon Slayer.  She plotted on how to bring Donald Trump down and eliminate him from the race, giving Hillary a clear path to the Oval Office where she could sell her favors to the highest bidder.  But a funny thing happened to Kelly on her way to immortality, she got her ass kicked by Donald Trump.

 After a second week of humiliating ratings on Sunday night, former Fox News star Megyn Kelly is getting her image tarnished badly at her new network, NBC. And it looks like she’s burned her bridges too badly to ever turn back now.

In an exclusive report on Breitbart, writer Tony Lee reported that after Kelly’s highly anticipated interview with InfoWars’ Alex Jones tanked with viewers on Sunday, NBC was looking to remove her program from the network entirely.

A tweet from WOR radio host Mark Simone stated that the inside scoop is that NBC is now “trying to get rid of Megyn Kelly. Even trying to get FOX to buy out her contract and take her back.”

Kelly’s NBC program, “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly,” saw a drastic ratings hit, falling behind CBS’ “60 Minutes” and and ABC’s “America’s Funniest Home Videos” reruns for the second week in a row, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It would make since for NBC to get rid a low-performing show. However, according to Breitbart, the chances of Kelly returning to Fox are between slim and none.

“A high-ranking Fox News source told Breitbart News that there is ‘no way’ Kelly could come back to the network,” Lee reported Tuesday. “Quite simply, the source told Breitbart News, Kelly ‘would not be welcomed back.’”

Kelly famously left the network after sexual misconduct allegations against former host Bill O’Reilly and former network CEO Roger Ailes were brought by women who worked at Fox.

Kelly even admitted in her book, that she used that publicity to gain more of a reputation for herself and her career trajectory. “I worked my tail off… I established myself as a serious person,” Kelly wrote. “I built my own power. And when the allegations against Roger hit, I used it. Perhaps there is some poetic justice in that.”

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