• June 25, 2024

Refugee Thinks He Can Steal From White Girl, Big Mistake [WATCH]

 Refugee Thinks He Can Steal From White Girl, Big Mistake [WATCH]

For any other lady shop employees, stopping thieves getting away from the store is a big hesitation considering that these people might inflict threat.

But for this brave female shop assistant, it is something that calls her much attention, an incident she is called to attend to.

According to report, two suspect tried to steal beers from a shop in Helsinki, Finland unfortunately a brave shop assistant stand off their way and pepper sprayed the thieves.

But as they made for the shop’s exit with their haul, the men were confronted by the employee, just before the supermarket was closing for the day.

Moments later, the shop assistant shoots pepper spray into the face of one of the suspects, before the lady employee tried to pull the other shoplifter back inside the shop, grabbing his clothing. While the other tried to warn the lady employee, but it did not stop her until she finally dragged the other back inside the store.

His friend watches the scene unfolding before his eyes, clearly completely baffled by the shop assistant’s actions.

Anna told MV Lehti, “I’m not scared, pepper spray is a strong defense. Adrenaline kicked in, and I just dragged him back inside.”

“They do this so brazenly,” she said. “Most often they steal alcohol, which is not a necessity, and not, for example, something essential such as food. It’s frustrating.”

Anna’s employer, Saku Kytölä, was incredibly proud of her, but added that he doesn’t want his workers to feel like they need to fight off thieves. He emphasized that he would rather keep his employees safe than catch a perpetrator.

Police and paramedics were later called to the scene but it is unclear whether any action was taken against the two suspects.

The video was posted online by the K-market shop owner Saku Kytola, and quickly went viral in a matter of hours, with more than 100,000 views.

Mr Kytola told the Tamperelainen that employees at the store had been forced to use pepper spray a number of times to stop potential thieves.

He added: “We have no other mode of operation to be able to intervene. Police resources are small and the penalties are insignificant.”

Mr Kytola believes that the lack of severe punishment for robberies, in accordance with Finnish law, has caused an increase in petty theft and criminal gangs.

Sources:  MadWorldNews


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