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“I Truly Enjoy The Hunt”: Real Estate Rapist Kept Detailed Diary With Hundreds Of Addresses

 “I Truly Enjoy The Hunt”: Real Estate Rapist Kept Detailed Diary With Hundreds Of Addresses

A man who tried to rape an Upper Macungie Township real estate agent will not get a chance at a new prison sentence, a state Superior Court ruled.

Frank Yeager was sentenced to 10 to 20 years in state prison for attempted rape, the maximum sentence, by Lehigh County Judge William Ford.

Prosecutors said Yeager’s diary and computer searches showed a man hell-bent on rape.

The Bucks County man spent months accumulating a list of more than 200 names of Realtors and finding out the people’s addresses, Facebook pages, businesses, churches and schools they attended, Pennsylvania State Police said.

Yeager had a detailed diary filled with written and drawn rape fantasies and police said he took five months to work on his plan for his intended victim. Yeager found out where she lived and worked and her work hours, police said.

On Nov. 25, 2012, Yeager attempted to act out his plan by trying to lure her to a room in a secluded model home in Upper Macungie Township to rape her.

The victim initially refused to go with Yeager to the model house. Yeager closed the drapes and turned off the lights, and waited for the victim, but she didn’t go the house. Yeager went back to the office and claimed there was a water leak, but fled when a male co-worker came into the office, state police said.

Police found Yeager’s diary that detailed his plan to rape a woman, possibly kill others and then commit suicide. Items in his truck included rope, chain, guns and duct tape.

“I have been planning and wanted this my whole life … the help I need is too great and I would rather die,” read a diary entry by Yeager that day. “I truly enjoy the hunt and cannot wait for my prize.”

In his appeal, Yeager claimed he had an ineffective lawyer who did not challenge the legality of his confession to police.

In its opinion filed Tuesday, the court said the attorney noted if Yeager challenged the admission of the confession, and forced a hearing where the victim would have to testify, the plea offer would have been rescinded by the district attorney’s office.

It was ultimately Yeager’s decision to plea guilty, the court noted.

Yeager argued the confession would have been tossed and the remaining evidence, including the victim’s testimony, would have been insufficient for a conviction. The court disagreed.

Frank Yeager (Photo) wrote in a note, “I truly enjoy the hunt and cannot win my prize.”


Source: Crime Feed

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