• July 23, 2024

Read: Muslim MMA Fighter: ISIS Nothing But “Uneducated Monkeys”

 Read: Muslim MMA Fighter: ISIS Nothing But “Uneducated Monkeys”

MMA fighter Tam Khan, who is also the trainer of world champion boxer Amir Khan, has gone viral after posting a Facebook status telling his fellow Muslims to do their part in getting rid of Islamic extremism.

The 35-year-old fighter, who lives in Dubai, called the extremists “uneducated monkeys who are giving us all a bad name” with his message getting tens of thousands of likes and shares.

Obviously, nobody should blame all Muslims for the actions of ISIS extremists, but Khan said he felt the Muslim community could be doing more to counter the extremist threat in the UK specifically.

Khan, who is a Muslim himself, controversially urged all Muslims living in the UK to ‘respect’ Britain’s culture and traditions, adding that those who fail to do so should be deported with their entire family.

To those who disagreed, who speak out again British traditions, he said they should try doing the same in Muslim countries. An endeavour that would get them ‘smashed in seconds’ and ‘locked up and tortured’.

He’s the statement in its entirety…

He has since posted an update, in which he claimed the first statement was: “Very reactionary and, whilst inflammatory in nature, was aimed at a small minority of idiots who are often given a media platform to ridicule Islam and portray the religion and Muslims negatively.”

Here’s the follow up in full…

After the post went viral, Facebook decided to delete Khan’s account, but then backtracked and reinstated it, claiming it was a ‘mistake’.

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