[RAW VIDEO] Dashcam Shows Man Stopped For DUI, Fatally Shot After Pulling Gun On Officers

Warning Graphic Dashcam Captures Fatal Police Shootout in Springdale, Arkansas


Springdale AR – The Washington County Arkansas Prosecutor ruled that the officers involved in the shooting death of Zachary Sutton will not face charges.


Dashcam footage shows Sutton riding a scooter on Oct. 5 when he was stopped for a traffic offense.
Police said Sutton fired a handgun at the officers. Sergeant Josh Kirmer and Patrolman Roger Eubanks fired back.

The officers say they were familiar with Sutton and felt something was wrong.


The prosecutor states the officers were justified in their use of force.

Authorities do not know if Sutton was under the influence of any substance during the shooting.



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E. Goldstein

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