• June 15, 2024

Rapist Caught In The Act By Victims Boyfriend, Instant Justice Commences [WATCH]

 Rapist Caught In The Act By Victims Boyfriend, Instant Justice Commences [WATCH]

A rape suspect beaten by the alleged rape victim’s boyfriend is claiming that the act was consensual, but police officers arrested the 52-year-old William Mattson and charged him with criminal sexual conduct in the first degree for the alleged assault that took place at a New Year’s party.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the photo showing how the boyfriend had the rape suspect beaten has gone viral since it shows the damage that was inflicted.

The complainant in this alleged rape case is the nephew of Mattson. The nephew had brought his girlfriend to his father’s house for celebration only to leave his girlfriend in the room he shared with her. Upon returning, the boyfriend heard “moaning” coming from his room. He knocked down the door, saw his uncle on top of his girlfriend, and chased Mattson out of the house while beating his face with his fists. The police report notes that the nephew had a “swollen right hand and minor scratches and redness to his chest.”

The names and ages of the boyfriend and girlfriend have not been released, but the police report does state that the nephew’s girlfriend claims it was a case of rape. “The detectives had spoken to the victim and had instructed me the victim states the encounter was not consensual,” an investigator stated in the police report according to KENS5. According to Lt. Selena Small, this means the nephew will not be charged with assault since “the suspect’s injuries were received prior to officers arriving on scene by someone acting in defense for the victim” and it’s claimed he “was acting in defense of his girlfriend who was being raped.”

The boyfriend had the rape suspect beaten so badly that police had to get an oral statement from Mattson because they did not want “contaminate the statement form” because of the amount of blood he had lost from the beating. Mattson told police he and the victim were drinking together alone in the room. According to the report, Mattson said “the victim was naked under her blanket, and he was fully clothed.” It’s claimed the girlfriend began to hug and kiss him in a consensual manner before the nephew came home.

According to News 2, police officers also seized a VHS video tape as part of their investigation of the alleged rape. Police did not indicate why the video tape was taken as part of the investigation.

The case has already become very controversial. For example, Ken Bonerigo wrote that the girlfriend’s claims are suspicious.

Sources:  MadWorldNews

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