Raped and Tortured Repeatedly, Police Say Man Kept Woman Chained In Basement

An Indianapolis woman has finally been set free after she was reportedly chained to a basement pole, tortured and held captive for sex in an Indianapolis home.

On Thursday authorities apprehended the suspect, 28-year-old Maurice Nelson, and he faces charges from criminal confinement to rape.

According to Indianapolis’ Fox 59, the pair had been speaking via a chat line on July 10th when Nelson allegedly picked the woman up at her hotel room.. After arriving at Nelson’s residence, they began having sex when he attacked her with pepper spray.


Nelson then proceeded to handcuff her and force her into his basement, where she was restrained in shackles. A padlock kept chains secured around her neck.

Claiming to be a police officer, Nelson reportedly pretended to use a radio before beating her with a baton and raping her.

The woman recounted that Nelson didn’t like her hair so he summarily ripped it out and cut it with scissors.

Nelson threatened the victim with years of captivity and torture such as cutting off her fingers, and threatening to release his dogs if she attempted to escape. He also reportedly destroyed the victim’s cellphone in a blender.

The sex criminal allegedly had plans to get her pregnant and capture more women, the victim claimed. The victim was discovered when neighbors heard screaming and called police during the evening hours of July 14th.


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