RADICAL LEFTIST GROUP Threatens Christian Prayer Rally Planned on Saturday to Save the Iconic St. Louis Statue

On Wednesday The Gateway Pundit announced a prayer rally on Saturday at the iconic St. Louis Statue on Art Hill in Forest Park.

** The prayer rally is planned at noon at the St. Louis statue.
We will recite a rosary — the prayer used by St. Louis of France.
If you are Catholic, Christian or an ally we urge you to join us.
We will have a Christian lead us in prayer.

** Women are welcome

We planned the rally because there is currently a petition by local leftist and radical Umar Lee to remove this beautiful landmark in St. Louis City.

On Thursday the radical group behind the petition to remove St. Louis from our city posted a response.

Umar Lee posted this today on Twitter.

The group behind the petition against St. Louis will hold a counter rally.

Umar Lee says in his announcement that we are “white nationalists” and “Trump supporters.”

Umar Lee says, “Among those who have signed up to attend are those on the alt-right such as those who held the infamous and tragic rally in Charlottesville.” This is a lie. There is no one from the Charlottesville rally or linked to the Charlottesville rally or who promoted the Charlottesville rally who will be at the prayer rally (that we know about).

We are Christians and Christian allies who believe we still have the freedom to practice our religion in America.

We are organizing a prayer rally with Catholic and Christian men.
And now we are being threatened — In America.
We will not apologize for our Christianity.
Not in St. Louis.



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