Race Baiter Kaepernick Receives Reality Check When Desperate NFL Team Signs 4th-String Backup Instead

If any NFL team was going to sign Colin Kaepernick, it seemed likely to be the Detroit Lions. But no. 

The Lions have been in quarterback crisis all season, with 11 different players filling the position on the roster in 2019. First-string quarterback Matthew Stafford has been out with a broken back for four games, and second-stringer Jeff Driskel last week went onto injured reserve with a hamstring injury.

At the same time, Detroit was one of eight teams that followed Kaepernick to a private workout near Atlanta on Nov. 16 after he blew off a larger tryout arranged by the league. According to an ESPN report last week, Kaepernick’s representatives think the Lions were one of the teams that requested the tryout in the first place.

And some Detroit fans and former franchise quarterback Cliff Avril have voiced support from bringing on Kaepernick, 32, whose talent to controversy ratio seems to have put off most other teams.

However, on Saturday, the Lions instead signed Kyle Sloter, 25, from the Arizona Cardinals’ practice squad. Sloter is in his third season after going undrafted out of Northern Colorado and has never thrown a pass in a regular-season NFL game.

The Lions also added Joe Callahan, 26, to their practice squad, signing him away from Greenbay’s. Detroit will be the seventh NFL stop for Callahan since he joined the league in 2016 as an undrafted free agent out of Division III Wesley College. He saw his only game action in 2017 with Greenbay, throwing for 11 yards in seven attempts.

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