• June 16, 2024

Python Bites Off More Than He Chew: See What He Regurgitates [VIDEO]

 Python Bites Off More Than He Chew: See What He Regurgitates [VIDEO]

Pythons have a major problem.  It always seems like their eyes are to big for their stomach.  When that happens, they find they are unable to move and they have just two choices.  Stay there and wait for the digestion process that could take more than a week at which time he is helpless and can easily be killed or regurgitate it back out.  In this case the snake took option number two and the villagers were amazed to see what he had eaten.

 The clip begins with the snake’s mouth straining wide open with a suspicious lump in its middle.
It twists its body round and it attempts to shift the animal through his lengthy body.

But it is no easy feat – as it takes around two minutes before the deceased deer is regurgitated out onto the ground.
The ravenous python devoured a deer whole near the Reliance Tower close to Sawantwadi, Konkan in India.

However, when the villagers poked the snake with sticks, it regurgitated the buck and slithered away.

Yesterday morning, the snake attacked a deer near a stream and after a brief struggle, it wolfed the entire animal down whole.

After a brief struggle, the snake gulped down the deer and lay down, with its massively expanded midsection, to digest the meal.

But it soon realise it had taken off more than he could eat and went into a food coma.

Villagers prodded the reptile to see if it was still alive which prompted it to vomit the meal back up.

H/T The Mail Online

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