• May 28, 2024

Psycho Liberal Snowflake Throws Dog Crap In Cop’s Face, INSTANTLY Regrets It

 Psycho Liberal Snowflake Throws Dog Crap In Cop’s Face, INSTANTLY Regrets It

Liberals have a mentality that they are the only ones that are important, and everyone must bow to their whims. That is perfectly demonstrated in this video that has over a million and a half views and still climbing.

It seems that this woman is pretty pissed off that she cannot walk through a crime scene and won’t take no for an answer. Instead of her using the common sense that the good Lord gave her she loses her mind and throws dog crap in the officer’s face.

You have to see this to believe it, but I must warn you there is liberal screeching towards the end.


I mean what did she think was going to happen after throwing the pile of poop in his face? That they would just let her walk through the crime scene and apologize for the inconvenience it caused her?

All this woman had to do was to simply walk around the way the officer’s directed her and that would have been the end of it. But no, she had to make a big stink (literally) and most likely spent a night in jail.

This is the exact issue with liberals and how the media has fueled them into believing they are more important than anyone else. These millennials have all been spoon fed the lie that they are all special snowflakes, which means they are given special privileges.

The only way any of this insanity will end is to treat them like the overgrown children they are. Ignore their bad behavior and do not pay mind to them when they fall on the floor throwing a temper tantrum.

Hopefully, now that we have a strong leader in the White House we will be able to combat these dirty hipsters and move on with our lives.

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  • Handcuff the woman, rub dog manure in HER face, and ask her “How do YOU like it?”

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