Proud Patriots Just Told Liberal School They Are Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

It is happening and it is about time.

Parents are standing up and pushing back against the power-hungry people in power that are doing their best to dictate what people can do with their children.

In a school board meeting in Tennesee, parents stormed the room pushing to make these people accountable.

When the parents first rushed into the room they were told they had to leave since they weren’t wearing masks. However, the parents were not having any of it and stormed out on their own and it just became more intense from there.

Though if you thought that was the end you would be wrong since these fed-up parents were just getting started.

As the evening progressed it became much more heated as several of these parents began to follow these so-called health experts and school board members to their cars.

Check out this amazing footage:

This is not paid protesters as we see at BLM rallies where George Soros is paying big bucks for young people to burn and loot buildings, but these are organic protests being started by fed-up people.

Do you know what this is beginning to be reminiscent of? The days of our founding fathers who were tired of the government dictating what people can and cannot do.

There’s a lot of grassroots energy just waiting to organize and spark a nationwide movement.

Things got so heated that even CNN covered the story:

Heated arguments spilled out into the parking lot Tuesday night after a school board in a suburban Tennessee county approved a temporary requirement for masks in elementary schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As debates over masks in US schools have reemerged as the academic year begins, the Board of Education in Williamson County, just south of Nashville, approved the mask requirement for elementary school students, staff and visitors inside all buildings and on buses beginning Thursday and ending September 21, according to information from the school district.

With the highly contagious Delta variant, Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations among children have been on the rise. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends students from kindergarten through grade 12 wear masks in school, along with teachers and visitors, while the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends masks in schools for everyone over age 2.

And real-life evidence about masks leaves little doubt that they work.

During the Tennessee school board’s special session, parents on both sides of the mask issue shared strong opinions.

“At my hospital, we’re seeing otherwise healthy people in their 30s and 40s getting sick, and the case counts are going up exponentially and some are dying,” said Dr. Britt Maxwell, an internal medicine specialist who later told CNN he went to the meeting because “my children are at risk.”

“We have to do everything we can to protect the whole community, and that means the people in this room that don’t agree with me and their kids in the classrooms,” Maxwell said at the meeting. “If we don’t do this, we’re going to have school shutdowns and quarantines and needless tragedies, and I don’t want that for my community.”

One parent, who identified himself as Daniel Jordan, a former Marine, told the board, “Actions have consequences. If you vote for this, we will come for you, in a nonviolent way. … In the past, you dealt with sheep; now prepare yourself to deal with lions.”

Jennifer King, a parent and pediatric intensive care physician, said, “As a pediatric ICU physician, we are seeing more younger previously healthy children admitted with respiratory failure and acute respiratory distress syndrome than we have in prior strains, as cases in children are on the rise. This trend will only worsen if we don’t act now.”
During the meeting, the crowd cheered, clapped and booed, and people holding signs were at one point asked to clear the room.

Outside, crowds heckled masked people as they left the session, with one man saying, “We know who you are. You can leave freely, but we will find you,” video obtained by CNN shows. A Williamson County Sheriff’s Office sergeant could be seen imploring the crowd to be peaceful.

“It was shocking,” Maxwell told CNN on Thursday morning. Maxwell left the meeting early, after the public speaking portion, he said. The energy in the room was “hot,” he said, and he knew “things were going to get a lot worse.”

Maxwell and his wife, who is also a medical professional, braced themselves before walking outside, he said. “I took my wife’s arm and I said, ‘Just remember, no matter what they say, these are the lives we’re trying to save.’”

There was a crowd chanting when they stepped outside, Maxwell said. Someone approached him, “put their hand in my face and called me a traitor.”

“I don’t see how anyone can say that when I’ve been on the front lines of this pandemic since the beginning, treating patients in rooms, unvaccinated for the vast majority of it, hoping I wouldn’t take it home to my family. And for someone to say that, it’s mind-blowing,” he told CNN.

Maxwell didn’t see video of the encounters outside the meeting until the next morning, and it scared him, he said, adding it’s not acceptable to threaten or harass people.

Asked if he feels safe, Maxwell said he likes to believe the outburst of anger was the result of a few people who lost control of their emotions.

While the mainstream media is calling this a “heated” protest, notice how the protesters only used their words.

There were no fires, looting, or violence —- unlike the BLM riots, we saw all of last year.

Despite the peaceful protests, Joe Biden has chosen to speak out and condemn the parents who are looking out for their children and their freedom.


This is proof that Biden and his administration are politicizing everything, including COVID.

Local WSMV news confirms that Joe Biden weighed in:

The president discussed the viral video of parents in Williamson County heckling others after a school board meeting this week.

During a heated, hours-long meeting on Tuesday, the Williamson County School Board approved a measure to require all elementary school students to wear a mask. Following the meeting, the video shows parents chasing and yelling at board members in the parking lot.

“This isn’t about politics; this is about keeping our children safe,” President Joe Biden said.

Biden addressed the video at the start of a news conference. He had a strong message for everyone involved in the Williamson County incident. He made it clear that masks mandates are not about politics.

“I saw a video and reports from Tennessee of protestors threatening doctors and nurses who were before a school board, making the case that to keep kids safe, they’re should be mandatory masks. As they walked out, they were threatened,” Biden said. “You know our healthcare workers are heroes. They were the heroes when there was no vaccine. Many of them gave their lives trying to save others. And they’re heroes again with the vaccine.”

The president also thanked all the local leaders, teachers, and superintendents for taking a stand and making decisions to put safety protocols in place for children.

If Biden truly wanted to make a difference, he wouldn’t try to politicize this issue.


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