Protesters Break Through Police Barricade, Get Served Up A Taser Deployments

A peaceful protest for Alton Sterling turned out in a violent dispersal when police responded to the protesters who break through in their barricade.

Police in Baton Rouge used pepper-spray and tasers to demonstrators as they made seven arrests as anger erupted over Alton Sterling’s death while being pinned to the ground by two officers a year ago today. The protesters were from the New Black Panther Party and had gathered in a grassy area outside the police department to protest the shooting of Alton in his death anniversary.

According to the authorities, the scuffle happened when protesters pushed through the barricade after being given several warnings not to do so.

A protester was carrying a taser who was observed at the scene. During that time, a police officer fired his taser and an officer was tased. Authorities said it is unknown who tased the officer.

Police have set up areas around the police headquarters facility for protests but have restricted areas. Seven people; composed of four men and three women, were taken in to custody on misdemeanor charges for being in an area they were told to leave.

“We want you to [protest] the right way, don’t impede on others’ individual rights,” a police spokesperson said. Officers reacted when the protesters broke the law and ignored warnings to protesters asking them to back away from the barricaded area. “[Protesters] attempted to push and storm through the barricade,” police said.

“You can protest, you can do what you need to do, we just ask that you do it in an orderly way,” said Sgt. L’Jean McKneely, Jr., a media spokesman for the department told the group.

During the incident, a police officer suffered minor injuries to his left arm and a protester suffered minor injuries to his leg.


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