• June 15, 2024

Prostitutes Rally Against Having To Pay For Their Healthcare

 Prostitutes Rally Against Having To Pay For Their Healthcare

Hookers For Healthcare are up in arms over the repeal of Obamacare, specifically the Medicaid expansion. Why just Medicaid? Because they get that for free or nearly free. Women who sell a product but still have the product should be doing quite well since what they sell is 100% profit and all cash transactions probably don’t get reported for tax purposes. Meanwhile Charley down at the factory is paying through the nose to keep up his insurance that has seen double digit increases for several years in a row.

A cluster of Nevada prostitutes are lining up in solidarity to protest “Trumpcare,” the proposed GOP health care bill, CNN reports.

The licensed sex workers who comprise the Hookers For Healthcare group are protesting the bills “cuts” to Medicaid.

Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey denies the claim, clarifying that the bill will “codify and make permanent the Medicaid expansion.” Although the bill lessens Medicaid spending a cool $772 billion by 2026, Conway claims it is not a “cut” but rather a reduction in growth rate.

The ladies of the evening view Obamacare as a victory for their niche industry since “thousands of prostitutes nation-wide were, for the first time, able to obtain affordable healthcare insurance for themselves and for their families.”

Nevada Obamacare premium increases in 2017 were less than half the national average. Obamacare premiums rose nationally by 25 percent, while in Nevada they rose a meager 8 percent.

The Hookers For Healthcare crusaders proceed to accuse the GOP bill of being misogynistic. Group leader Alice Little claims the bill is crafted by “male voices” who haven’t the slightest clue how they are affecting “women’s lives.”

Little insists that her cubbyhole group serves a broader audience. In addition to representing hookers, Little insists her group is sticking up for “housekeepers, bartenders, and cashiers.”

Little cites the financial turmoil that plagues the lives of young hookers as another reason to be alarmed. Little asserts that “Every girl that becomes a legal prostitute doesn’t become financially comfortable overnight. I have been fortunate to amass a strong clientele and establish myself as a financially successful businesswoman within Nevada’s legal brothel industry, but that can take time.”

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