Professor Bitch Slaps Student Calling for Socialism [VIDEO]

Yaron Brook is an MBA and a PHD in  economics.  During a lecture a whiny snowflake liberal spouting off talking points on the evils of capitalism and praising socialism to the hilt.  That might work well when you are talking another liberal snowflake but to try to pull one over on one of the leading economists in the world, it just gets you bitch slapped with the truth.

It seems to be the cool thing to do for young entitled brats to follow Bernie Sanders’ lead and blindly follow socialism because they have never worked a day in their life and don’t care if the government takes from them.

These libs don’t understand how poverty and wealth work much less how an economy functions as a whole and sometimes they need somebody to put them in their place.

That’s exactly what this college professor did after one know-it-all brat decided to make a bunch of pro-socialism remarks and bash big bad capitalism in his class.

 Yaron Brook is the executive director of the libertarian/objectivist Ayn Rand Institute. He has an MBA and a Ph.D., both in finance from the University of Texas, but he was born in Israel on a socialist kibbutz to pro-socialist parents. He knows finance, the economy capitalism, and socialism and he especially knows what capitalism does for poor versus the empty promises socialism makes.

H/T US Herald

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