Procter and Gamble Uses Incredibly Anti-Cop Commercial To Attract Blacks [VIDEO]

Cincinnati, Ohio based Procter and Gamble has released the most blatant commercial that identifies cops as racists who murder blacks in an attempt to gain more black customers.  It’s the most shameless and untrue commercial since Hillary Clintons last campaign commercial.

 Procter & Gamble has launched a new ad campaign which targets black people in an attempt to get them to buy more of their products. They decided that the best way to accomplish this was by letting them know that they think the police are racist.

In one advertisement which was posted by the company, a mother has “the talk” with her daughter about racist police.

The mother tells her daughter, “When you get pulled over…” because for black people it must be a “when” not “if” when hordes of racist cops are running around spotting black people to pull over and subsequently murder.

The daughter laughs it off, “Mom, I’m a good driver. Don’t worry.”

Clearly the girl doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation. “This is not about you getting a ticket,” the mother says. “This is about you not coming home.”

That ad isn’t alone. On P&G’s website, they have the story of a young black man who was stopped by the police for playing tennis in his own neighborhood.

“I was in my neighborhood, I was playing tennis with my friend; we were both black. He was really good at tennis, I wasn’t very good at tennis at all. I mean it was just really fun to just rally with him. Right? And so then it was like the middle of summer, so it was like really, really hot, so then I think both of our shirts were off.

We were like playing a set, and the police pull in, into the parking lot they say, ‘What are you doing here?’”

Ok, I can see why he’s concerned, they randomly asked him what he’s doing around without explaining why. Oh, wait, he says that they did explain why.

“They wanted to know how long we would be there, and told us that someone was watching us on camera, and wanted us to put our shirts back on.”

Basically somebody called the cops because they didn’t think that these two guys were from the neighborhood and thought that might be trespassing. Then cops asked them what’s going on, and he said he lived there, and so the cops told him that a creepy person was recording him and had called him in. How the hell is that racist?

This isn’t even a good “racist police” story that makes up stuff or leaves out details, it’s just somebody assuming that the only reason that police talked to him was because he was black, even though police told him exactly why they talked to him.

“So I mean, if you feel unwanted by law enforcement, then how do you expect them to protect you?”

H/T Blue Lives Matter



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