• July 15, 2024

Principal Bans Kids From Reading “BAD” Books About Zombies and Vampires

 Principal Bans Kids From Reading “BAD” Books About Zombies and Vampires


The famous head teacher of a prominent and most expensive school for only boy boasted and warned seriously all his school student to stop reading bad books that has content with zombies and vampires .

The head of the King’s college school in Wimbledon described the action parked books of his student are not good enough for educational purpose and it has to be discourage immediately.

As such the said head of school is trying to stop all his student range from 11-year-olds at his school from reading book like Alex Rider spy series, Twilight series and the Artemis Fowl sci-fi novels.

Halls wrote in the Sunday Times said he is ready to steer his charges- whose parents that pay $19,000 a year in fees away for literary fast food.

He also wrote:

“I always say good book because I know there are bad ones. Books that are simplistic, brutal and banal are barely good books to read. I will not ban them but I wouldn’t bother to recommend them.”

Hall has approved almost 300 list of classic that will be placed in every classroom; where the boy will be encourage to read them instead of getting or choosing for themselves.

The author of Alex rider books, Anthony Horowitz criticized attempts to police the interest of the student.

He also said Halls “should release those children to find and read the book they love reading most, rather less ability to dictate there interest.

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