President Trump DID NOT Mince Words About Podesta: “His Head Would Have Spun…”

Reporters with CNN asked President Donald Trump how the Podesta email leak compares with the leak that former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn misled the administration about his conversation with a Russian ambassador at a press conference Thursday, and his response was epic.

John Podesta was a top staffer in for former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 race, and his emails were hacked, revealing that several high-profile members of the media colluded with the campaign, going so far as to give Clinton advance questions for a debate hosted on the network against Trump.

“In one case you are talking about highly classified information, in the other case you are talking about John Podesta saying bad things about the boss,” Trump responded. “I will say this, if John Podesta said that about me and he was working for me i would have fired hmm so fast his head would have spun. He said terrible things about her. but it wasn’t classified information.”

“The only thing that i do think is unfair some of the things, when I heard some of those things I picked up the papers the next morning oh, this is going to be front page, wasn’t even in the papers. Again, if I had that happen to me, it would be the biggest story in the history of publishing or the head of newspapers. I would have been the headline on every newspaper,” Trump said.

“They gave her the questions to a debate, and she should have reported it herself. Why didn’t Hillary Clinton announce that, I’m sorry, but I have been given the questions to a debate or a town hall, and I feel that it’s inappropriate and I want to turn in CNN for not doing a good job,” Trump continued.




E. Goldstein

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