Possible Active Shooter at Alabama Military Installation

 Possible Active Shooter at Alabama Military Installation

Update- Authorities say no injuries reported as of now.

The Redstone Arsenal in Alabama is cautioning people about a possible active shooter and is currently under lockdown.

 A lockdown was in place at a military arsenal in Alabama Tuesday, with its Twitter account calling it a “possible active shooter” and urging people on the base to “run hide fight” in a tweet.

A spokesman for Redstone Arsenal told Huntsville, Alabama, NBC affiliate WAFF-TV that there was possibly an active shooting.

An alert from the Marshall Space Flight Center said “situation exists near the Sparkman Center, RSA bldg. 5301,” according to WAFF.

A drill for active shooters was scheduled for this week but Redstone says it’s unrelated to the current situation.  This story will be updated as more information becomes available.


H/T  NBC Alabama



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