• June 15, 2024

Police Seize ANTIFA Weapons Cache

 Police Seize ANTIFA Weapons Cache

While ANTIFA has been content with defacing War Memorials in U.S. Cities and assaulting police and supporters of President Trump in the United States, overseas the group is setting their sights on bigger targets and even more violence. Police say they have seized numerous weapons including “unknown chemicals” that were apparently slated for use during the upcoming G20 meeting in Hamburg. Officials said the group is appears to be planning a “major offense” against the forthcoming gathering of world economic leaders.

Police were tipped-off that a German citizen residing in the Rostock was preparing a “major offense” against the upcoming G20 summit. Sources said police raided several houses and a garage mentioned in the tip. In addition, officers conducted raids in the northern German towns of Hohenfelde and Bad Doberan.

Government officials said in a statement the officers seized a “vast arsenal” of weapons, including throwing knives, baseball bats, brass knuckles, telescopic batons and even a box with precision slingshots, which “could be used to commit violent crimes.” In addition, police also found both legal and illegal pyrotechnical devices and ten fire extinguishers filled with dyes, bottles and cans containing unknown flammable liquids, gas masks and a plastic bag with numerous containers filled with yet to be determined powder and chemicals was also seized during the raids.

Most of the items were found in an apartment and garage belonging to a 30-year-old and a 26-year-old German citizen. Both men were detained following the raid. Police have not yet released their identities. Later the 26-year-old was released after questioning, but the other man will remain in custody until July 10 due to the “existing prior knowledge” about his planned activities as well as the number of weapons found in his apartment.

The suspect is a member of the leftist extremist group, according to the German Bild daily. He is now facing charges of violating the laws on weapons and explosives. Police are now considering whether he could also be charged with forming a criminal organization. The chemicals are currently being analyzed in a police lab.

The discovery comes as the city prepares for a potential outbreak of violence against a backdrop of more than a dozen of anti-G20 protests are planned during the summit scheduled for July 7-8. In addition, about 30 demonstrations are expected to be held in Hamburg over the course of the summit from July 1 to 9. Some groups have vowed to “defend their rights by all means.”

The groups plan to block the roads to the summit venue, according to German media reports. Leftest organizers expect a peak of over 100,000 protesters, of whom police say at least 8,000 will be anarchists and various left-wing radicals whose major goal is to disrupt the G20 meeting. Meanwhile, more than 20,000 police officers from across Germany have already been dispatched to the city to maintain order.

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