Police Run Out Of Motel In Tears After Finding 3 Women’s Sick Use For Sheets

Three women were arrested and have been charged with murder after allegedly beating two boys that killed one of them in a motel.

Motel management said that the three women stayed at the motel for one or two days, and that staff members did not see the children.

The room in which the five stayed has several boxes, clothes and other objects on the beds and floor. Three cats were in the room, as well, and are still there while staff at the motel works out what to do with them.

Police were called to the scene after a report came in about an unresponsive child. Both were taken to the hospital but the younger child was later pronounced dead.

Authorities said the two boys were wrapped in bed sheets and assaulted after one of them took food at a motel in Middletown, Ohio.

Alexander Stephens, 5, died from injuries he incurred while three women beat him.

According to WLWT5, Stephens and his brother, Damyan, 6, were tied up with blankets and continuously beaten by three women for a long period of time in a wooded area off N. Verity Parkway.

The children were beaten over the course of 22 hours and the injuries were so severe that police officers and paramedics left the scene crying, WDTN reported.

“It’s heavy on my heart,” said Connie Stacey at the Parkway Inn in Middletown. “Those kids, I just can’t imagine.”

“It’s going to be hard going in there and cleaning everything out knowing this could have belonged to that little boy,” Stacey said.

The mother of the two children, Theresa Hawkins-Stephens, 26 and her friend Rachael Bostian, 29 are charged with murder. Rachael Bostian’s mother, Ramona Bostian, 56, is charged with child endangering and felonious assault. Their bonds were set at $1 million. Ramona Bostian is charged with child endangering and felonious assault, her bond is set at $500,000.

Photo Credit: WLWT5

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