Police Chief Fired By Liberal Mayor Over Wife’s Support Of Donald Trump In Facebook Post

A Pennsylvania police chief reportedly recently found himself in a position where he was “forced” to retire by the town’s Democrat mayor after his wife apparently posted a controversial, pro-Trump Facebook post that the mayor believed was inappropriate enough to strip a career law enforcement officer of his job.

According to Hot Air, earlier this month, Lancaster, PA Mayor Danene Sorace held an extremely brief press conference in which she announced the retirement of former Chief of Police Jarrad Berkihiser. Interestingly, she took no questions from the press regarding the matter and Berkihiser was not in attendance.

Luckily, John Fiorill, a past president of the local Fraternal Order of Police chapter, was able to shine some light on the confusing termination of the chief, alleging that the chief was fired for something his wife wrote on Facebook that was in support of President Donald Trump. There were apparently complaints about the post, which led to the mayor demanding Berkihiser’s involuntary retirement behind closed doors.

“Fiorill said his account of Berkihiser’s retirement is based on a call Berkihiser made to the FOP lodge seeking labor advice after Sorace demanded his resignation. Since Berkihiser had not reached an agreement with the city at the time of that call, Fiorill said he believes he can share the information with the media,” Lancaster Online reported.

Kristy Berkhiser, the fired chief’s wife, wrote in a late-September Facebook post in response to one of her friends who had worked recently at a Trump rally, saying “why im voting for him again. Same reason as last time… you don’t see him meeting w Jacob Blake’s family or speaking to him by phone…”

The reference to Jacob Blake — the young African-American man who died in a police-related shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin which sparked a firestorm of riots and protests, was apparently the comment that some didn’t feel was appropriate. Kristy’s post referenced former Vice President Joe Biden’s meeting with the Blake family following the incident.

But that issue aside, the police chief had nothing to do with the post other than being married to the person who wrote it. The post was since deleted, but many believe that the former chief was not responsible for what his wife posted on social media — especially to a degree where it could have cost his job.




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