• May 24, 2024

Police Arrest SEVEN People Caught Helping Illegal Alien Cop Killer…HATEFUL Truth Revealed About Them

 Police Arrest SEVEN People Caught Helping Illegal Alien Cop Killer…HATEFUL Truth Revealed About Them

The thing about illegal immigrants is that they rarely come across the border alone.

Much in the same way people with family in a town they are traveling to don’t take a cab home from the airport illegal aliens usually have some kind of support network.

A lot of the time it’s usually people that have already gotten across the border somehow and have people keeping them hidden because those people know it would increase the chances of themselves being found if that person got caught.

Now, when you kill a cop that’s one of the worst things a peron can do because these are people that willingly leave their houses knowing that there’s a chance they might not come back. It’s a scary thought no matter who you are.

Which is why when someone kills a cop, anyone who was responsible or helped the person responsible needs to be brought to justice.

Via Daily Wire:

California law enforcement officials arrested seven additional suspects connected to alleged illegal alien cop-killer Gustavo Perez Arriaga last week — all of whom are purported illegal aliens — for allegedly helping him evade capture.

“Police say, in all, seven people are in custody, accused of assisting the suspect in evading police, including two of Arriaga’s brothers and his girlfriend,” ABC News reported on Saturday night, according to NewsBusters. “Authorities telling ABC News, all of them — as well as Arriaga — in the U.S. illegally.”

Authorities arrested Bernabe Madrigal Castaneda, Erasmo Villegas, Maria Luisa Moreno, Adrian Virgen, Erik Quiroz, Ana Leyde Cervantes, and Conrado Virgen Mendoza.


Fox News reported late last week that authorities confirmed that Perez Arriaga, 33, was affiliated with the Surenos gang, a violent Mexican-American street gang that engages in “a number of crimes, including murder, extortion, narcotics trafficking, prostitution, human smuggling and robbery.”

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