• July 23, 2024

Pictures Have Surfaced of The Real Damage Caused By Ryan Lochte [PHOTO]

 Pictures Have Surfaced of The Real Damage Caused By Ryan Lochte [PHOTO]
Article source - Daily Caller
Article source – Daily Caller


Photos have finally been released of the alleged damage caused by American hero Ryan Lochte and his teammates.

ESPN reporter Darren Rovell tweeted out a picture of the sign torn off the outside of the gas station in Rio. Rovell also clarified that the sign was given to the gas station for free.

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During the 2016 Olympics the swimming superstar and his teammates were held at gun point and their money was taken because he pulled a free sign off of a building side and urinated in the bushes.

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Brazilian authorities have also charged Lochte with the crime of filing a false police report. Apparently having your money taken while somebody points a deadly weapon at you isn’t a robbery in Brazil, unlike in a civilized country like America.

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Luckily, the Olympic hero is safely protected in America, and most certainly isn’t going back.

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