[PHOTOS] There is now an official ‘Brexit Street’ in France, the Best part is WHERE it goes

There is now an official ‘Brexit Street’ in France – and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it leads nowhere.

The street was renamed by Julien Sanchez, the rightwing Front National mayor of the southern town of Beaucaire, to commemorate ‘the decision of the sovereign British people’.


Sanchez, 33, announced his paean to the EU referendum by tweeting: ‘Beaucaire Council creates “Brexit Street” to pay tribute to the British sovereign people’s choice.’


Naturally, people were quick to point out that the street now known as ‘Rue du Brexit’ didn’t actually go anywhere – instead forcing drivers into an endless, frustrating loop of futility.

Others responded saying the road is in the middle of an industrial estate, in a particularly grim part of town.

And obviously, people were just generally not happy about Sanchez using slang in a street name – ‘and an Anglicism to boot’.

Sanchez, however, stands by his unintentionally very apt decision.

‘It’s a street in an industrial zone, and isn’t going to shake up the daily lives of Beaucaire residents,’ he told France Bleu radio.

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