• July 15, 2024

[PHOTOS] Lawyer Ditches The Courtroom For Beachside Modeling

 [PHOTOS] Lawyer Ditches The Courtroom For Beachside Modeling



Pia is one of Australia?s most recognised social influencers. With over 2.4 million?followers,?over 35 million?likes and over 4?million video views, her travels and adventures documented by the multi-award winning Creative Director, Kane are followed by their fans?globally through social media channels.

Whilst focussing on the?finer things in life, Finding The Finer?aims to offer?an aspirational view on the world whilst encouraging everyone to stop and take a moment to explore this wonderful planet we call home.

Pia, a qualified lawyer, had always dabbled in modelling and blogging. In 2014 she decided to take the plunge, leave the big city life of law, and jump head first in to her own personal ventures. She now splits her time between modelling and blogging with Finding The Finer for national and international brands, as well as?building her own luxe sportswear line, SLINKII Athletic.



Fast track 18 months and the Sydney resident has her own luxury sportswear line, is a market editor and in numerous magazines.

‘Since I graduated a lot has changed, I started my sportswear label, SLINKII, and started posting my looks on social media.

‘My Instagram account in particular started to gain traction and next minute (well… a year later…) I had 1m followers. Everything has been a little crazy since that point.’




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