People Are Outraged By What Casey Anthony Was Photographed Doing

By now, no one in America should not know who Casey Anthony is.  She is the cold hearted bitch that got away with killing her baby, in my opinion.  If you think otherwise, ask yourself one question.  If she didn’t kill Caylee, then why didn’t she report her missing?  After all, she was gone for 30 days and Anthony didn’t notify anyone.  And that is why so many people are upset by recent pictures of her cuddling a baby.  Nobody in their right mind would allow Anthony to hold their kid.  The baby’s mother snapped the picture, probably so she’d have something to remember it by.

Anthony once said:

“If I am blessed enough to have another child — if I’d be dumb enough to bring another kid into this world knowing that there’d be a potential that some jackass, their little snot-nose kid would then say something mean to my kid — I don’t think I could live with that.”

It seems like she caught the baby fever.

Anthony is once again making baby-related headlines after she was spotted cradling a child this week.

 The pictures were snapped by the baby’s mother back in February but they’re only making the round now.

TMZ released the photos of Anthony handling the baby at a table with booze all around in what looks like a restaurant in Clearwater, Florida. The 6-month-old baby is reportedly the grandson of a longtime NBC producer who has been working on a sit-down interview with the infamous Anthony.

The circulation of the photos have made some people very uncomfortable. Journalist and legal commentator Nancy Grace was among the unimpressed and had a lot to say about the situation.

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