People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Person Decals On Their Car

Who would want to risk having their car keyed by some thin skinned “safe space” having people…. ?

Imagine if someone in your neighborhood were to make a public record of something as gruesome as severe personal injury. That’s right, he would create a public record of all the misery he has caused and you would see it! You’re not going to believe what this driver was tallying up on his door. Imagine if you were driving on a beautiful day and suddenly a bicyclist pops out of nowhere and you hit him! Now imagine something worse: you hit a disabled person on a wheelchair. You would probably be quite scared of the consequences. Well, what’s shocking is that this driver tallied up the quantity and types of accidents on his car’s door.


Although many of these types of accidents (old people, bicyclists, disabled folks) are not as common as deaths involving car-to-car accidents, they are still common enough to be worth mentioning. In 2014, 726 bicyclists in the U.S. lost their lives. Even worse, 4,884 pedestrians lost their lives from being struck my cars. Another 20-50 million people are disabled or injured.

We wonder how drivers or pedestrians on the road react when they see this car and its tallies. Perhaps they wonder whether this is all a joke or whether they should report this driver to the authorities to have his driver license revoked. Who would want such a dangerous driver on the road? Who would want to put his/her life in danger?

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