Pennsylvania Father Of 11 Arrested After Police Notice Putrid Smell Coming From Apartment

Pennsylvania police had been on the look out for a 29-year-father after their noses led them to where he had been hiding out with 11 children. When they opened the door to his rancid den, the hair on the back of their necks stood up after what they discovered.

A warrant for aggravated assault had been issued for the father several months prior, which ultimately led to the disturbing bust this week when Dauphin County Children and Youth Services declared him a danger to the children. But it took at least five months since the warrant was issued to arrest him in the same house he lived in when he broke the law in the first place. Meanwhile, the children suffered for it.

It is unknown how many of the 11 children biologically belonged to Tyree R. Fluellen, but they all lived with him and at least one woman in cramped and filthy quarters. According to PennLive reports, when officers arrived to the Stilton home, they were overcome with a fleshy, rotting stench at the door. The foul odor grew significantly worse as the officers made their way through residence that was subsequently condemned.

Pix 11 reports that child welfare workers witnessed some of the worst living conditions they had ever seen, where the floor of Fluellen’s home was covered with raw meat. Maggots poured from trash cans. Toilets, bathtubs, and any available crevice were packed full of feces.

After being subjected to the conditions for months on end, six of the children developed shigella, which is bad infection caused by feces when perpetually exposed to it. Fluellen was finally arrested for the assault, but he was hit with 11 counts of endangering the welfare of a child on top of it. A warrant has also been issued for one of the mothers of some of the children, who wasn’t home at the time of her man’s arrest.

With this many children belonging to various baby mamas and deadbeat dads, it should have never taken this long to find how they were all living. Every adult in these children’s lives were living for themselves, without concern for their own hygiene, let alone the welfare of the children they brought into this world.

At some point during this time, some of the children had to have attended school or went to other public places, looking filthy and smelling awful, but nobody bothered to raise an eyebrow to it. If something or someone doesn’t look or smell right, it’s being a responsible person to report it. The children could have been out a danger sooner if anyone would have taken that initiative.

E. Goldstein

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