Pelosi And Schumer CAUGHT ONCE AGAIN Showing Their TRUE COLORS

Despite what the mainstream media would want you to believe, the Oval Office meeting last week between President Trump, Schumer and Pelosi was a win for the President in style and substance.

The meeting itself gave the American people an chance to see what side it is that really fears transparency and anyone can certainly see that it is not President Trump.

What in my personal opinion it did was show that Democrats are more than willing to attempt to force the hand of the President not on the fact that they do not think that he doesn’t have a better idea than him, but more or less than they do not like him personally.

That is the reason, chapter and verse why the Democrats want to have an shutdown of the government. It’s to advance their own agendas in 2020 all because they don’t like one man.

H/T Daily Wire:

When Trump surrendered the floor to Pelosi, she immediately invoked the subject of a government shutdown, saying the American people recognize that we must keep the government open — as if that, and not border security, were the overriding issue — and warning, “You should not have a Trump shutdown.”

Notice the blatantly calculating way she spun this as a “Trump shutdown” rather than a possible impasse that could lead to a government shutdown. Also note: Pelosi drew first blood, and it was deliberate.

After a minor skirmish over whether Trump should initiate a bill in the House that would be sure to fail in the Senate, Pelosi, playing to the camera, said, “We’re here to have a conversation in a prayerful way, so I don’t think we should have a debate in front of the press.” Pelosi knows that a House bill could not survive a Democratic filibuster in the Senate, yet she continued to press Trump to offer a bill.


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