Passersby See Crocodile Spit This Out Into River, Disturbed To See What Happened [VIDEO]

A shocking video went viral showing a crocodile clutches a missing man in its jaws, allegedly summoned by witch doctor to return the body.

On July 18, the animal dragged the 41-year-old man, known only as Syarifuddin, into the waters of Berau, Indonesia, the Daily Mail reports.

“He was just in the water and the crocodile thumped at him and took him,” recalls friend Andi Resmin, who was with the victim at the time.

After law enforcement’s unsuccessful attempt to find his body, relatives assumed Syarifuddin was lost somewhere deep in the Lempake River.

At that point, villagers turned to a witch doctor for help. The witch doctor cast a spell requesting the crocodile bring back Syarifuddin alive.

All were stunned when, the next morning, the Siamese crocodile — which can grow to more than 16 feet long — brought back the man’s naked corpse.

Villagers were certain something supernatural had occurred.

“If the person bathes naked, they will be definitely be eaten by crocodiles, for sure,” one resident said, using a local myth to explain the body’s emergence. “If they wear clothes they will not be ambushed.”

Even Police Chief Inspector Talisayan Faisal Hamid called it “weird,” saying the most “important thing was that the body had been found.”

News of the witchdoctor’s spell quickly enchanted many worldwide.

“This is an incredibly unique story and proves there are supernatural forces beyond the comprehension of ordinary humans!” wrote one person on the Daily Mail’s Facebook page. “Sorry about the loss of this man’s life though!!”

“Spiritual Earth technology baby,” added another. “That Witch Doctor is the reason the family will be burying their relative.”

“Some things cannot be explained!” exclaimed a third. “This is one of them!”

Others were skeptical and less inclined to believe in such superstitions.

“The witch doctor has to bring the man back to life….finding the body alone isn’t enough,” commented one person.

“Crocodiles usually stick a fresh kill in an underwater ledge or under a branch, something like that, so it can rot for a day or three before they eat it,” said another. “If they can’t find a suitable place, they’ll just carry it in their jaws until its ready to eat. [….] My guess is this croc was just trying to find a good stash spot when he got disturbed and distracted by an unexpected group of people yelling at him. He just let go, he didn’t deliberately return a corpse.”

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