• July 22, 2024

Park Notices Bench Getting Damaged Every Night, Set Up Hidden Camera And Catches Culprit [VIDEO]

 Park Notices Bench Getting Damaged Every Night, Set Up Hidden Camera And Catches Culprit [VIDEO]

Being a wild animal has a lot of perks. For one…they don’t have to communicate with humans and deal with the everyday stresses of life like sitting in traffic and dealing with tough bosses. They also don’t have to worry about making cash in order to support a growing family. And, most importantly, wild animals can usually get away with things simply because humans aren’t around to witness their silly antics.

When the employees at the Kamchatka Nature Preserve noticed that one of the wooden benches was being knocked over every night…they grew suspicious and they wanted to know what or who was the culprit. So, they did what any humans would do nowadays…they set up a surveillance camera to capture the suspect. And they were quite surprised to learn that there was more than one suspect caught in the act.

After viewing the footage, the Russian employees learned that there was a bear who seemed to be having a little love affair with the wooden bench. They caught him coming back a few nights in a row and he wasn’t just on the hunt for a comfy place to sit…this bear was using the bench as a means of scratching his itchy head. In the video, you can see the bear approaching the bench, clearly on a mission. He then rests his head on the seat and rubs it back and forth, until the bench actually falls over. It turns out that one of the negatives of being a wild animal is that it’s not so easy to ask a friend or spouse to give them the much-needed scratch in that hard to reach a place.

The workers were relieved to discover who had been knocking down the bench, and the video provided some relief for them, but they soon noticed that the bear wasn’t the only one involved in the big bench mystery.

Evidently, a moose took some interest in the bench as well. At first, the moose is seen just walking by the bench, with her baby following closely behind. And then, she comes by the second time and starts to pay closer attention to the bench when she notices that it’s been knocked down. This time around she doesn’t appear to have her baby trailing behind her. Maybe she grew curious when she walked by the first time, then dropped the baby off with dad before heading back to investigate? Maybe she and the bear had communicated about the bench being a good back scratcher?

Apparently, word travels fast around the wild animal community and something as simple as a moved bench can get these beasts on high alert. The bear was probably hoping to keep the “scratching bench” a secret so he could have it all to himself to relieve the itch in those hard to reach places.

It would be interesting to see how long the bear used the bench as a scratching pad and how long he had been keeping it his little secret.

Source: AWM

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