Parents Left Baby In House While They Step Out On Front Porch. Moments Later, They Were Mortified [VIDEO]

A 3-week-old baby was killed after one of her family’s three pit bulls attacked her while she was unattended with the dogs. Police in Michigan are investigating the incident.

According to WOOD, Susannah Murray was left alone in a glider, which is similar to a bouncer, inside a Grand Rapids home. While the adults were outside on the porch, the baby was attacked by a dog.

Police say that one of the adults went to check on the baby girl after about five minutes and saw that she had been bitten. A pit bull was near the infant with blood around its mouth.

Police were notified about the incident at around 2 a.m. on May 26 after the baby had been taken to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Susannah underwent emergency surgery, but died later that morning, police say.

An autopsy showed that the baby girl’s injuries were consistent with a dog bite.

“This a very, very tragic situation,” said Sgt. Terry Dixon of the Grand Rapids Police Department. Dixon later added: “This is a horrible tragedy and serves as a critical reminder to never leave a child unattended around a dog or dogs or cats. Always keep a watchful eye on vulnerable youth, and that’s what makes this difficult to report on.”

According to KSAT, there were three pit bulls in the home at the time. They have all since been quarantined at a local animal shelter following the attack.

“The breed of a pit bull, by itself, is not enough to condemn it; any dog can bite,” Dixon said. “This serves as a critical reminder to never leave a child unattended around a dog.”

Grand Rapids police said that nobody has been charged in the case, but that officers will be discussing the case with the prosecutor’s office to determine if any charges are warranted.

Readers shared their thoughts on the heartbreaking story on the MommyPage Facebook page.

“You can never ever trust a dog or cat to be alone with a small baby or child wether it is ten seconds or five minutes,” one user commented. “The mother could have picked the glider up and took it with her.”

“The parents should go to jail for child endangerment knowing they have an animal in their home and leaving that poor baby alone. Come on people u gotta think man,” another user wrote.

“Oh come on ppl! Those parents did nothing wrong unless the knew the dog had a history of being aggressive,” another reader commented. “I have 3 kids and don’t think twice about leaving them in the house while I check the mail, which takes just about as much time as these parents were away from that baby for. It’s not like they left the baby on the floor for the dog. She was in a glider and at 3 weeks old that is plenty safe enough spot to step away for 5 minutes. It’s a very sad unfortunate accident that happened and nothing more.”


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