Parents Kill Their Infant Son With Political Correctness

The far left, the loonies that brought us the anti-GMO war is now on a kick to eliminate gluten from their diet.  GMOs will kill us right?  Well, truth be known, 85% of everything we buy at the grocery store is either a GMO or was fed GMO products.  I don’t know about you but I haven’t had to walk over any corpses as I make my way down the street.  Now, a couple are accused of killing their son by refusing to feed their son food with gluten because they now claim he was gluten intolerant.  They did this on their own.  They did not take their son to the doctor or hospital.  As a result, their son died.

 In hopes of losing a few extra pounds, many of us turn to fad diets to try and drop the weight in just a few weeks.
And fad dieting has reached critical mass in the age of social media, where trends abound. While these nutrition trends can have some unusual side effects, they are generally safe for otherwise healthy adults to try without any major health risks, but the same cannot be said for small children.

Just about any doctor would tell you that your little one needs all the nutrients they can get, so restrictive dieting just isn’t called for when babies are involved. The consequences of heavily restricting your child’s diet can be deadly. This couple from Belgium knows a thing or two about that.

The parents of seven-month-old baby Lucas diagnosed their son with a gluten intolerance without input from a physician and forced him to eat a restrictive gluten-free diet.

They fed him milk substitutes such as rice milk and quinoa milk..  When he became gravely ill, instead of going directly to the hospital, they took him to a homeopathic doctor, who advised them to go to the hospital but by that time it was too late and their son died of dehydration and starvation.  An autopsy showed that he had almost no food in his stomach or even his intestines.

 Once at the hospital, it wasn’t long before Lucas was pronounced dead. An autopsy later revealed that the boy was severely dehydrated when he died and almost no trace of food was found in his stomach or even his intestines.

In court, the couple’s attorney tried to express the idea that they really thought Lucas had a problem tolerating gluten. It remains to be seen how this will play out for the grieving pair.

Experts report that a strictly gluten-free diet for those without celiac’s disease could cause an increased risk of heart disease and other complications, especially in small children. Be sure to share this heartbreaking story with health-conscious parents to remind them that what’s best for them might not be best for their little ones.

(via Mommy Page and Global News)

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