Parents Arrested After Letting 5yo Son Drink This Personal Hygiene Product When He Was Thirsty [VIDEO]

Police have discovered a terrible story of abuse after a 5-year-old boy showed up at the hospital drunk.

Reports say the boy was so thirsty and neglected he was forced to drink the mouthwash until he was intoxicated. He also said there were times when he was also forced to drink water from the toilet.

His dad and stepmom are behind bars, and authorities say there’s a long history of abuse and it runs deep when the kids opened right up about all the abuse they have suffered in their short lives in the hands of their “parents”.

The kids told police that they were threatened not to tell anyone about the abuse. They say the parents would tell them, “snitches get switches.”

Local authorities say the 5-year-old boy and his two siblings were subjected to physical abuse with hangers, shoes and other objects by his dad, 25-year-old old Tyriese Howard and his girlfriend, 23-year-old Breya Allen, who the kids call “mom.”

The 5-year-old’s condition was so bad that the boy ended up in the hospital with a .2 blood alcohol level after drinking mouthwash because he was thirsty.

Medical workers told authorities that the boy’s scars show he’s been abused his whole life.

The children told officers about the pattern of abuse — something which neighbors also say they witnessed it many times, first hand.

“Whenever the mom would get upset, she would grab the kids from one arm, and like, drag them,” one neighbor said.

Local media called the Children, Youth and Families Department and they could only confirm that the boy and a sibling are now staying with a foster family, but did not confirm if the family home had ever been called out for reports of abuse.

Both Allen and Howard appeared before a judge Friday, but because of their lack of prior criminal records, the judge agreed on $50,000 cash or surety bonds for the two.

Source: Daily Mail



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