• June 15, 2024

Parents Alarmed After Finding Out Laced Lollipops Were Sold To Children [VIDEO]

 Parents Alarmed After Finding Out Laced Lollipops Were Sold To Children [VIDEO]

Texas authorities confiscated more than a quarter ton of methamphetamine disguised as candies and authorities say the people who allegedly had them were likely trying to target children.

Harris County Sheriff Office deputies conducted a raid after they received calls that a person was attempting to break into a Houston-area home. When they arrived, they arrested suspects named Evonne Christine Mick and David Salinas.

But the authorities also noticed something else as the two attempted to escape the officers in their car: The back hatch door on the suspects’ vehicle would not close as if there was something blocking.

According to investigations, an enormous amount of drugs was found inside the vehicle. Authorities say they seized 600 pounds of meth from Mick and Salinas, and most of it was disguised as lollipops and candy. The street  value would be near $1 million.

They believed the meth was cooked in the kitchen of the house at which Mick and Salinas were trying to break in and where they were arrested.  During the operation raid, they seized what appeared to be molds for making the lollipops in the shapes of popular characters from “Star Wars” and “Batman.”

Both Mick and Salinas have been charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. Mick who has no prior drug convictions in Harris County, was set at $1 million. Salinas has previously been arrested for drug possession five times.

 “What if one of these lollipops were dropped in a neighborhood and a child picked it up?” a police spokesperson told the newspaper.

Neighbors, meanwhile, appeared to have no clue such a significant drug ring was operating nearby.

“I had asked a police officer, ‘Why are you guys over here just for a little marijuana?’” one neighbor told news to meet. “They said, ‘Sir, we don’t get in HAZMAT suits and get the SWAT team just for a little marijuana.’”

Authorities are still searching for additional suspects.

Source: Daily Mail

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