• April 17, 2024

PA Woman Charged For Sex Trafficking Her 7 Year Old Daughter

 PA Woman Charged For Sex Trafficking Her 7 Year Old Daughter

Rebecca Lynn Shadle , a prostitute has been charged with allowing men to molest her 7 year old daughter for sixty dollars.  Shadle has just recently gotten the girl back after losing her in an unrelated charge six months ago.  Police are looking for the two men who molested the girl.  One has been identified as Brian Spillar and the second man has not been identified as of the present time.

 Rebecca Lynn Shadle, was arrested on Thursday in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, after an anonymous tip was made through ChildLine.

The girl had already been taken away from her six months ago and placed in foster care because of an unrelated complaint.

On Thursday, in light of the allegations made in the ChildLine call, Shadle was arrested for child trafficking charges.

Police also have an arrest warrant for Brian Spillar, 49, but have not been able to track him down.

Spillar is accused of giving Shadle $60 to be allowed to molest her daughter by touching her with another man.
On Thursday, Shadle refused to give the name of the second man when questioned by police.

Greensburg Police Chief officers are appealing for information to track both men down.

‘Please contact City of Greensburg Police at 724-834-3800 if you have information on the whereabouts of Spillar,’ they said.

A spokesman told DailyMail.com the mother has a long criminal history.

Shadle was charged with trafficking minors. She was also charged with aggravated assault.

H/T The Mail Online

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