Oxford Students Make Love To a Goat: Will Muslims Charge Them With Culture Appropriation?

The University of Oxford is known for it’s fine education and decorum but recently students held a bash that included an orgy tent and allegations that some students had sex with a goat.  Any day now I expect the SJW (Social Justice Warriors) to file a complaint about cultural appropriation on behalf of Muslims.  The university was aghast at the debauchery and disavowed the bash and it’s distasteful actions.

 A poster on student gossip page Oxfeu wrote: ‘Shoutout to those at Piers Gav who decided to f*** a goat’

The private dining club gained notoriety two years ago when unfounded claims were made about former PM David Cameron taking part in a sex ritual with a pig’s head.

A poster on student gossip page Oxfeu wrote: “Shoutout to those at Piers Gav who decided to f*** a goat — great to know Oxford remains a bastion of intellect.”

The message was dismissed as a warped joke, but was followed by a flurry of other outrageous claims.

On Oxford missed connections page Oxlove, a poster wrote: “To the guy I slept with in the orgy tent at the PG, let’s get a drink?”

Another student wrote: “Oriel blonde in the pink skirt: why did you reject me at gav?

“You are the reason I went and yet you refused to join me in the sex tent.”

Another posted: “To the guy wearing baubles at the Gav, it’s not christmas but you’re a gift I’d like to have. About your bod no one could ever lament

So next year meet me in the orgy tent?”

Oxford families were stunned by brazen scenes of nudity and sexy outfits in the town ahead of the £90-per-head ball — held in a remote field.

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