• July 14, 2024

Outgoing Republican Governor Drops SICK BURN On Liberal Who “Won” Against Him

 Outgoing Republican Governor Drops SICK BURN On Liberal Who “Won” Against Him

People rigging elections has likely been occurring since the second or third election that has ever been held.

That being said, sometimes there is nothing you can do against rampant cheating or when a misdeed has been done against you so you have to do anything that you can to show that you are mad as can be about it.

Case in point, there was a company that I worked for several years ago that got bought out by a company in Europe and we were told on a Monday that Thursday was going to be our last day.

So our shift foreman told us to make exactly what the minimum production quota was for the day and to immediately stop, advising us that we should probably bring something to read or music to listen to for the rest of the shift.

Right before the end of the shift, when he had to check his work phone that he only conducted work business on for the last time he sat the phone down on a metal workbench, took a blowtorch and cut the phone in half at the middle. He then left it in the center of the production floor.

Via Conservative Tribune:

But when an outgoing Republican governor, who has nothing left to really lose, has to sign off on a close and controversial congressional race in his state? That certainly sets up the potential for sparks to fly.

And, boy, did the sparks ever fly in Maine.

Outgoing Republican Gov. Paul LePage voiced his sincere contempt with the manner in which Democratic Rep.-elect Jared Golden “beat” incumbent two-term Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin in the November election.

I use “beat” in quotations because it must be noted that Poliquin initially finished with 2,000 more votes than Golden. Thanks to some questionable loopholes, Golden ultimately surged ahead and won.

LePage was obviously not happy with the way it happened, and he made sure to note it on the official election documents he had to sign off on.

Next to his signature, LePage very clearly wrote “Stolen Election.” That is as searing of a jab as any, and considering the legal importance of the document, it will be enshrined forever.

But as savage as that burn was, the manner in which Golden won his House seat is certainly no trivial matter.

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