• July 14, 2024

OUCH! DeSantis Just Torched Debate Moderator After She Tried Pulling A Sick Stunt…

 OUCH! DeSantis Just Torched Debate  Moderator After She Tried Pulling A Sick Stunt…

During the Wednesday night GOP presidential primary debate, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stood out when he interrupted the Fox News moderator who was trying to get the candidates to show their hands on where they stood on climate change.

Fox first showed a question from a young Republican voter who stated that climate change is the most important problem for people his age. On the topic, he asked how the party might appeal to younger voters.

“Do you believe [that] human behavior is causing climate change? Raise your hand if you do,” moderator Martha MacCallum asked the candidates.

Before any candidate could respond, DeSantis said, “Look, we’re not school children. Let’s have the debate. I’m happy to start.”

“I don’t think that’s the way to do it,” he continued.

DeSantis began to claim that the corporate media is one of the reasons the country is declining, possibly implying that it has had a significant impact on how people perceive the subject of climate change.

Another memorable moment for DeSantis during the debate was his reaction to the question of whether “Bidenomics” was helping to establish a robust economy.

He indicated that it was not the case.

“Why are we in this mess?” the Florida governor asked.

“Part of it, and a major reason, is because of how this federal government handled COVID-19 by locking down this economy. It was a mistake. It should have never happened,” he said.

“In Florida, we led the country out of lockdown. We kept our state free,” DeSantis proclaimed to strong audience applause.

“As your president,” he added, “I will never let the Deep State bureaucrats lock you down.”

Seriously, I am super happy to have watched DeSantis slap that absurd question down.

The belief that there is a Man-Made Climate Change is an absolute cult.

If kids think that is their number one issue, then we need to start firing teachers.

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