One Biden Speech Just Proved His Dementia Is At Full Force!

The mainstream media has been doing its best to hide the fact that Joe Biden is out of his mind. These deceptive media gurus are working overtime to ensure that the American people don’t see how bad Biden mental facilities are. Biden’s administration team has been making sure that the elderly man is shuffled off stage before he takes any questions by the media.

However, while the Biden team may be doing all they can to prevent a Biden public mess-up they can’t control him all the time.

That was shown to be clear when Biden was invited to the University of Connecticut to deliver a speech rededicating the Dodd Center for Human Rights.

Named for the late Sen. Thomas J. Dodd — a prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials, which tried Nazis for their crimes during World War II — the center houses Dodd’s papers from the proceedings.

The speech would appear to most people an easy task for Biden considering that the two were friends. In all honesty, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, it didn’t take long to find out how wrong it could go under less than a minute into the speech.

“We truly are really good, close friends — Sen. Chris Dodd. Chris and I have known each other a long time,” he said, followed by why he thought Dodd is such a stand-up guy: He isn’t one of those “people who tell me they care about people and then disrespect the waitress or a waiter.”

That was not the phrase to use at all and here is why.

A 1990 GQ piece about the peccadillos of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy dives into a grotesque allegation of sexual assault against a waitress by both Kennedy and Dodd.

As the story goes, the two Democratic senators — both in a state of considerable inebriation — forced the woman into a “waitress sandwich” and only desisted when another worker heard her screams.

Biden apparently didn’t remember that significant blight on Dodd’s career. He also didn’t remember how to pronounce the word “transgender.”

Here is more from Western Journal:

This came during a part of the speech in which Biden bragged that, in his first 10 minutes in office, he “ended the Muslim ban” and “[overturned] the ban on transgender individuals serving openly in the United States military.”

On top of the mispronunciation of “transgender,” it’s good to note that Biden’s people are still advancing the sad, divisive fiction that there was ever a “Muslim ban” by the Trump administration.

Later in the speech, Biden talked about the debasement of human rights around the world, including in ChinaMyanmar and Ethiopia. That’s fair, but things quickly got weird.

“Silence — as my dad would remind me — silence is complicity,” Biden said. He then began yelling: “That’s what Nuremberg said! Your silence is complicity!”

Biden had earlier talked about taking his kids to Dachau, the Nazi concentration camp where the slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei” — “work sets you free” — hung above the entrance.

“That’s not what I wanted them to see,” Biden said. “I wanted [them] to see the lovely homes that were up against the fence line with their beautiful roofs. People living in there rationalized that ‘It’s not me. I’m not doing this.’”

“I wanted them to see the ability of the human mind to rationalize cannot be underestimated,” Biden said, again breaking into a strange shout.

It’s not difficult to read Biden’s subtext here, particularly given his administration’s rhetoric about the GOP. What is difficult to read, apparently, is the word “Nazi” off a teleprompter.

Here’s the full speech:

We can’t be sure what’s happening, but no reasonable observer can watch speech after speech like this and conclude nothing’s amiss.


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