• June 24, 2024

On Duty Firefighter Watches LIVE As Two Men Kick In His Front Door

 On Duty Firefighter Watches LIVE As Two Men Kick In His Front Door

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – While a Kansas City firefighter was on duty, two men kicked in his front door and stole his belongings. It happened Saturday morning as two men broke in to the home while a camera was rolling. Police are still searching for those two, who they believe have been targeting other homes in the area.

It began with the ring of the doorbell, the Koehler family dog jumps on her seat to see who’s there. With two kicks, the first suspect enters the home unaware a camera is watching his every move.

“It’s terrifying.”

Homeowner Ryan Koehler is a Kansas City, Mo. firefighter and was on duty when his phone alerted him there was movement in his living room – his wife got the same text. Through an app, the two watched what was happening in real time.

“I was like, ‘oh, it’s just the dog walking around. That’s when I saw them kick in the door. I literally just started shaking,” Kelsey Koehler said.

“Your heart sinks,” Ryan Koehler said.

The first suspect walked around before intently heading back to the bedrooms when the other suspect walks in. You can hear them talking about grabbing the TV and walking towards the living room to try and take it off the wall. After taking the TV and other electronics, the two were gone.

“It’s nerve-wracking. Kind of makes you sick to your stomach. When my wife comes home she checks every door, looks under the bed makes sure no one’s here.”

Other homes have been hit in their neighborhood. Police believe it could be the same suspects targeting the area. The couple has filed a police report but with no arrests have been made in the case.

To say they’re feeling uneasy doesn’t even begin to cover it. They say their dog is traumatized and now, with a baby on the way, they’re having trouble feeling safe in their own home.

“It just makes you angry. It’s karma. It’s gonna catch up to you. Eventually you’re gonna knock the door down, and somebody’s gonna be waiting behind that door.”

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