Oklahoma School District Pays Student $125k For Having Sex With Hot Teacher

A few years ago a teacher Jennifer Caswell, 31,  had sex multiple times with an eighth grade student.  She was convicted and given a 10 year prison sentence.  His parents then launched a lawsuit against the school, which was just settled out of court for $125,000.  That means the kid made over $20,000 each time he nailed his teacher.  Hell, I would have done her for $500 a pop.

 More than two years after Caswell’s sentencing, the district paid the family $125,000 for their teenage son’s ordeal, according to Charles Watt, an attorney for the victim’s family.

The family alleged that school officials told the boy to keep quiet about the relationship, the boy’s grades suffered because of the relationship, and that he suffered emotional distress and humiliation when word about the relationship got out to classmates.

“The truth is that this has a terrible effect on a child,” said Watt. “You can expect in his future life that he will have a hard time with relationships.”

The family also claimed that the school district allowed Caswell to resign, so she did not have to forfeit her teaching credentials.

Andy Fugitt, an attorney representing the school district, argued that the district cooperated with the authorities after Caswell’s resignation and said the decision to revoke a teacher’s credentials lies with the Oklahoma Department of Education instead of the school district.

“The school district responded to the information it had — which was very limited — in an appropriate way,” Fugitt told the Oklahoman.

According to the lawsuit, Caswell continued the inappropriate relationship with the boy after she resigned from her teaching position without the father’s knowledge.

Harmon County District Judge Richard Darby gave Caswell a 15-year prison sentence with five years suspended for the six separate instances where the former English teacher had sex with the 15-year-old victim. The court also ordered that the sentences run concurrently so she would serve a total of ten years in prison.

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