• July 22, 2024

Obama’s Old Campaign Manager Just Dropped A Bombshell About Democrats….

 Obama’s Old Campaign Manager Just Dropped A Bombshell About Democrats….

With more than a year until the general election, the man in charge of then-President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign is advising Democrats to “chill out.” And he’s giving them every reason why they shouldn’t be relaxing.

According to Politico, Jim Messina, who was at the helm when Obama won the 2012 election, has put together a 22-slide presentation aimed to reassure Democrats that everything is well with the good ship Biden and that those who don’t believe it are all “bedwetters.”

Except that Messina thinks former President Donald Trump could “absolutely” win and that President Joe Biden’s path to a second term flows straight through “It’s the economy, stupid,” which Messina thinks is doing wonderfully.

“I thought it was important to say to my friends and clients and other people, let’s just take a step back and try to be really number-specific and really sort of who has what cards in their poker hand,” Messina told Politico, the outlet reported Wednesday.

“And you would just rather be Joe Biden than Donald Trump.”

And, as Politico noted, there were reasons to be worried: “Every day, it seems, there’s new fodder for Democrats looking to freak out about President Joe Biden’s’s reelection prospects: Sagging public views of the economy. Persistent voter concerns about Biden’s age. And erosion in the president’s standing among key minority groups, to name a few.”

But it’s time to chill out, Messina said: “Historically, we’re f***ing bedwetters,” he told Politico.

“We grew up in the ’80s and ’90s when Republicans won elections all the time. Democrats had their hearts deeply broken when Hillary [Clinton] lost and people didn’t see that coming. And so, you know, we continually believe every bad thing people say.”

Which is why The Messina Group put out the 22-slide pro-Biden presentation — even though, as Politico points out, Messina himself believes “(1) no matter who the Republican is, it’ll be a close election and (2) the most likely GOP nominee, Donald Trump, has a strong base and can absolutely win.”

Furthermore, the essential issues, as articulated by Politico, are faulty intrinsically.

Take, for example, Messina’s ridiculous claim that the fundamentals of Joe Biden’s economy are robust.

“The ‘misery index,’ a bellwether economic measure that combines unemployment and inflation, is now lower than it was ahead of Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Obama’s successful reelections,” Politico said.

“Messina also gives credit to Biden and team for consistently selling ‘Bidenomics’ to voters, even as voter views remain stuck — likening it to the challenges Obama faced in 2012 as the economy slowly emerged from the Great Recession: ‘People thought we were crazy to go as early as we did with economic messaging.’”

The issue is Messina’s calculation of the “misery index” in the slide show, which he claims is “lower than it was at the same point in the Obama, Clinton, and Reagan presidencies before their successful reelections.” (My emphasis.)

To begin with, assessing the misery index only tells you where you are now, not what has previously occurred. Clinton, Obama, and Reagan did not experience huge labor-market shocks caused by a massive shutdown of the global economy, which was accompanied by a concurrent correction in the labor-force participation rate.

Inflation remains consistent year after year. Inflation is dropping now because, if it remained at the same pace as during Biden’s first two administrations, Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, and Pete Buttigieg would have possible campaign advisers meeting with them to “discuss options” for 2024.

Wink, wink, wink.

None of the three men Messina mentions as precedents faced similar challenges, albeit Reagan was obliged to right the ship after Jimmy Carter’s disastrous four years in the White House, and Obama had to cope with the Great Recession. But in neither of those circumstances was Reagan or Obama given a straightforward task: let the economy to recover from COVID and return to normalcy. That was Joe Biden’s responsibility. He couldn’t pull it off. The raw misery index figures reveal nothing about this.

What will be the next winning topic? “Democrats have long played defense on so-called culture war issues, but after the Dobbs ruling, Messina said, Democrats now have an issue to rally voters around unlike anything he’s seen in modern politics,” Politico said.

“And its staying power, he added, is only buoyed by a Republican primary where a national abortion ban is continuingly [sic] put forward as a litmus test.”

So, in order to win in 2024, you must have “an issue to rally voters around unlike anything he’s seen in modern politics?” What about indicting the political opposition’s leader on a slew of charges that would make the United States of America look like Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua? Mr. Messina, do you think that’ll work? Because, if you haven’t been reading the newspapers…

And the final reason Messina thinks Biden has the advantage, as per Politico:

“The election is a choice, not a wish.”

“Pressed on the dismal voter views of Biden, Messina said he is confident the qualms will wash away as the horse race takes shape. ‘It’s a choice between two parties, two ideologies, between two people,’ he said. ‘And that choice matters. … People didn’t see the Democratic turnout in 2022 coming.’ And while Messina assumes it’s a Biden-Trump rematch, he argues that even another GOP nominee can be painted as extreme and Trump-y.”

Yes, but he or she can’t be painted as this:

And then there’s that other “big caveat,” as Politico put it: the possibility of a third-party candidate, which Messina didn’t sound too thrilled about.

“I don’t care what they do. I don’t care how much money they spend. I don’t care who their nominee is. They’re going to get zero electoral votes. The question is who do they take the votes from?” Messina said.

“You just can’t split away votes if you want to beat Donald Trump. And I just cannot overstate how crucial it is to make sure that we don’t create a vehicle that takes enough votes up to elect Donald Trump.”

So, in other words, Biden needs to tout his economic record (which is even worse than Messina thinks, given that he’s using an out-of-context datum to justify it), voters need to be shocked into action by a once-in-a-lifetime political event like Roe v. Wade being overturned (or having the former president and de facto leader of the political opposition indicted four times and counting on flimsy pretexts at an all too convenient time.

Oh, but that is not all!

You must emphasize to voters that they must choose Pepsi or Coke (even though Pepsi can’t seem to remember that it’s even a cola anymore), and you must not introduce another soda into the mix (despite the fact that several other candidates — or soft drinks, in this metaphor — appear likely to appear in the presidential vending machine).

That doesn’t even take into account any Hunter-Biden-related content.

So, sure, I’d say it’s time for Democrats to back to being “f***ing bedwetters,” in your words, not mine, Mr. Messina.

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