Obama, George Soros Sponsored BLM Protests That Ended in Death of Cops

Black Lives Matter leaderDeray McKesson had two of his email accounts hacked last Friday, along with his Twitter, according to reports.

Reports indicate that the perpetrators successfully hacked into several of McKesson’s accounts after posing as McKesson to a Verizon Wireless Tech Support operator in order to gain access and post a provocative Tweet which endorsed Donald J. Trump for the Presidential bid.

“At 10:31 a.m., an individual calledVerizon posing as Mr. Mckesson and convinced a technician to change the unique SIM associated with the activist’s phone, allowing the hacker or hackers responsible to have his messages rerouted to a different device. The culprit then requested password reset codes for Mr. Mckesson’s Twitter and other internet accounts, and subsequently gained access by intercepting those codes when they were sent as text messages,” the Washington Times reported.

However, the mainline press made no mention of the real purpose for the hack, which was to obtain secret information about a George Soros and Obama Administration sponsored plot, an elaborate operation dubbed the“Summer of Chaos,” which is aimed at shutting down both theDemocratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention in order to trigger martial law nationwide, keepingPresident Barack H. Obama in the White House beyond his allotted two terms under National Security Presidential Directives.

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